classical boiserie wallpaper

A wallpaper that interprets a classic, boiserie, converging a foundation of interior architecture with modern design. Shape and matter are combined together by giving back and realism of wood and lacquering with its captivating tones and lived taste. A versatile and refined wall covering that allows you to create continuous surfaces, marked by the essential and elegant rigor of the volumes. A style that encompasses both classic and contemporary, a sobriety that spans time indifferent to changing trends.

Boiserie 01 .01 Boiserie 01. 02 Boiserie 01 .03 Boiserie 01 .04
Boiserie 01 .05 Boiserie 01. 06 Boiserie 01 .07  
Sono disponibili altre varianti colore su richiesta - Other colors are available on request