De/Sign was established as the creative division of  A S I A  company, a solid institution that has been working for many years with well-known National and International brands aiming at setting up shops, showrooms and booths all over the world (Mcs, Superga, K-way, Robe di kappa, Colmar, Adidas, New England, Museum, Island, Chesterfield, 83990, Philip Morris International, Brooksfield, Boxeur des rues).

De/sign develops in an environment where productive concreteness and artistic education are provided.
Empirical Testing of materials and finishing, the graphic research of symbols and decorations are the daily challenges that De/sign has to deal with.
Projects are turned into solutions directed towards new paths and new interpretations.

In 2015, De/Sign presented the Wallpaper project: wallpaper and visual solutions.

DeSign offers its own design concept by creating a collection of wallcoverings reinterpreted through contemporary compositions and visual suggestions.
It’s a copyrighted collection. Our wallpapers have the advantage of adapting to the needs of every project and set up individually public or private spaces.
The graphics are designed with criteria that allow the achievement of a high digital quality product, ensuring the highest resolution even on large surfaces.



Design wallpapers for interior decoration. A collection of unique subjects for the covering of public and private spaces.


De/Sign wallpapers is a made in Italy product that puts forward an idea of transverse wall covering whic is able to satisfy the various design requirements. A collection that blends high definition photography, graphics, painting and drawing, to offer a heterogeneous choice that goes from the industrial style to the scenographic setting. All the graphics are sized according to the project, keeping the right proportion, each project is unique and is cared for in every detail. The De/Sign wallpapers are printed with high definition digital technology on the latest generation support that combines functionality, resistance and high aesthetic value, given by the material finishes capable of enveloping the environments in a sophisticated and modern way.


DeSign also offers a fiberglass coating to coat damp environments and in contact with water. The characteristics of this support are not only water repellence, but also high resistance to wear, weathering, moulds, abrasions or scratching. An innovative solution that expands the possibilities of setting up spaces.



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