DeSignProject Wallpapers originates from the creative division of  A S I A , a well-established company founded in 1982, which has been collaborating with prominent national and international brands for years in the realization of shops, showrooms stands, and private residences (Mcs, Superga, K-way, Robe di kappa, Colmar, Adidas, New England, Museum, Island, Chesterfield, 83990, Philip Morris International, Brooksfield, Boxeur des rues).

The ongoing collaboration with major architectural studios, the wealth of design experience, and the constant pursuit of new aesthetic solutions for their clients drive the company to increasingly focus on materials, finishes, and textures. This effort culminates in the creation of their own visual landscape, a synthesis of their experiences and tastes.


Our aim is to create a product that seamlessly integrates and interacts with interior architecture. An eclectic and personal vision capable of responding to various design needs, combining design, craftsmanship, and functionality.


Each wallcovering in the collection is crafted according to the client's project, tailored to become a unique subject. Our technical staff can work based on the designer's instructions, reworking graphics according to project requirements, not only in terms of measurements and proportions but also by varying tones, colors, and composition. From a sketch, a project is developed, and ultimately, a scaled model is created to precisely achieve the client's desires.


Our wallpaper collection is constantly evolving. The aim is to create inspired and inspring designs. Our team's approach is entirely artisanal; professionals in interior design, graphics, art, and architecture develop our graphics using multiple techniques, from painting to photography. The result is an unusual collection that blend original naturalistic themes, abstract and geometric patterns, and hyper-realistic material textures.

The processing of each subject is a story in itself, a study never arbitrary, aimed at providing an option that can enhance spaces and captivate the viewer.



Design wallpapers for interior decoration. A collection of unique subjects for the covering of public and private spaces.


DeSignProject wallpapers is a made in Italy product that puts forward an idea of transverse wall covering whic is able to satisfy the various design requirements. A collection that blends high definition photography, graphics, painting and drawing, to offer a heterogeneous choice that goes from the industrial style to the scenographic setting. All the graphics are sized according to the project, keeping the right proportion, each project is unique and is cared for in every detail. The DeSignProject wallpapers are printed with high definition digital technology on the latest generation support that combines functionality, resistance and high aesthetic value, given by the material finishes capable of enveloping the environments in a sophisticated and modern way.


DeSignProject also offers a fiberglass coating to coat damp environments and in contact with water. The characteristics of this support are not only water repellence, but also high resistance to wear, weathering, moulds, abrasions or scratching. An innovative solution that expands the possibilities of setting up spaces.



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