Valentina Testa and Pablo Nero are the founders and the artistic directors of DeSign brand name.
The two designers have been working in scenography and interior design projects for more than 10 years.
Their professional training, combined with the technical skills acquired in numerous experiences in the field, converges in a new graphic, photographic and stylistic research.



Valentina Testa is professionally trained in the field of interior design, at the same time she develops her artistic research, based on the research and experimentation of cutting-adge techniques, which she uses in the visual arts and design.


Her artistic production led her to do varius experience both in italy and abroad and to participate in a large number of collective and personal exhibitions, receving numerous awards. Today she works as a designer and art director in the company A S I A where she collaborates internationally with architecture studios and prestigius fashion brands in the creation of showrooms, shops and private homes.


Pablo Nero, his training in plastics and graphics leads him to collaborate with several advertising agencies and publishing houses, a profession he carries out together with the teaching of plastics.


Today he works as a set designer and light designers in theatrical productions both in Italy and abroad.

Design wallpapers for interior decoration. A collection of unique subjects for the covering of public and private spaces.


De/Sign wallpapers is a made in Italy product that puts forward an idea of transverse wall covering whic is able to satisfy the various design requirements. A collection that blends high definition photography, graphics, painting and drawing, to offer a heterogeneous choice that goes from the industrial style to the scenographic setting. All the graphics are sized according to the project, keeping the right proportion, each project is unique and is cared for in every detail. The De/Sign wallpapers are printed with high definition digital technology on the latest generation support that combines functionality, resistance and high aesthetic value, given by the material finishes capable of enveloping the environments in a sophisticated and modern way.


DeSign also offers a fiberglass coating to coat damp environments and in contact with water. The characteristics of this support are not only water repellence, but also high resistance to wear, weathering, moulds, abrasions or scratching. An innovative solution that expands the possibilities of setting up spaces.



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