A collection of unique subjects, copyrightable
Adaptable in sizes to any exhibition  space  and in the colors to the need of the project.
Design and production made in Italy

High-definition digital printing
Vinyl material with support in TNT, supplied in rolls
Material finish: textile design, concrete. Other finishing on request.
Washable, removable stains and brushable
Scratches, impact, light resistant
Tehcnologies and materials non polluting  and not polluting and not harmful to human health and the enviroment
Compliant with European Standards.

Installation with glue, for approach and not to overlap, like ordinary wallpaper.

Design wallpapers for interior decoration.

A collection of unique subjects for the covering of public and private spaces.


De/Sign wallpapers is a made in Italy product that puts forward an idea of transverse wall covering whic is able to satisfy the various design requirements. A collection that blends high definition photography, graphics, painting and drawing, to offer a heterogeneous choice that goes from the industrial style to the scenographic setting. All the graphics are sized according to the project, keeping the right proportion, each project is unique and is cared for in every detail. The De/Sign wallpapers are printed with high definition digital technology on the latest generation support that combines functionality, resistance and high aesthetic value, given by the material finishes capable of enveloping the environments in a sophisticated and modern way.



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